Indian & Métis
Friendship Centre
45 Robinson Street, Winnipeg
Open Weekdays 8:30am to 4:30pm
Phone: (204) 586-8441 | Bingo Hotline: (204) 589-6095

We assist Aboriginal people adjust to living in an urban environment, while maintaining their culture.
The Indian and Métis Friendship Centre is a non-profit organization that values the partnership of community organizations and businesses.
Donors have the options of sponsoring an entire department of programs and services at IMFC, or sponsoring one specific area of programming.
For example, and agency may support youth initiatives or health related programs that reflect an agencies mandate. No donation is too small and is greatly appreciated.
The Indian and Métis Friendship Centre of Winnipeg Inc. (IMFC) has a long and successful history working with and for, the indigenous community of Winnipeg. The IMFC of Winnipeg was the first incorporated Friendship Centre in Canada. It was established in 1959 to provide services and programs to our First Nations and Métis people migrating into urban centres.
In 1972, it became a member of The National Association of Friendship Centre's, the unifying representative body for the Friendship Centre Movement.
Today there are a total of 119 Friendship Centre's across Canada providing valuable services, programs, and advocating on behalf of indigenous peoples.
History of the Winnipeg Indian & Métis Friendship Centre 1958-1983: this document provides an overview of the success of the IMFC over a span of 25-years. It outlines the community efforts of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, who came together and recognized the need for urban Aboriginal people to have a place to meet and to support themselves as a community. It features the programs developed over the years, other urban Aboriginal organizations that were incubated by the IMFC before going off on their own (like Kinew Housing and the Main Street Project), and there are stories of young Indigenous leaders who were involved in the IMFC before embarking upon their own careers and contributing to the social fabric of Winnipeg and beyond (Elijah Harper, Cyril Keeper, Tom Jackson).
"A Place of Awakening": The Formations of the Winnipeg and Métis Friendship Centre 1954-1964 by Leslie Elizabeth MacDonald Hall: A thesis by Leslie Elizabeth MacDonald Hall, submitted to the Department of History, University of Manitoba. This paper examines the efforts of the Indigenous and non-Indigenous community who worked together to get the IMFC off the ground during the early years of the organization. It is a combination of source documents and oral history.
Neeginan: A Feasibility Report Prepared for Neeginan (Manitoba), Inc. by Damas and Smith, Ltd. April 1975: One of Winnipeg's first urban plan created to address urban Aboriginal needs within the City of Winnipeg. It is a groundbreaking document as it proposed to convert 20 square blocks into a 'community with a focus'; it would create an urban 'Native Village' for migrating Native people and focus on employment, training, health facilities, childcare, and cultural activities.
Dad's Group (more information):
  • Every Monday starting June 14th, 2016 from 5-7pm
  • Contact Chrissy @ IMFC for more information: 204-586-8441
Nobody's Perfect Parenting 8-week program:
  • Every Monday starting May 30th, 2016 from 1-3pm
  • Please pre-register by May 27th
  • A light snack, childminding, and bus tickets will be provided
  • Contact Chrissy @ IMFC 204-586-8441 or Sherri @ FACT 204-582-1518
Lighthouses: The Lighthouses program is a crime prevention program targeted towards children and youth after school and on weekends. The program hours operate on Tuesday and Thursday from 5-8 pm, and on Saturdays 1-7 pm. The Program provides meals, snacks, and various workshops.
Healthy Baby: Free drop in program for expecting parents and parents with babies up to 1-year old. The program is held every Tuesday 1-3 pm. The program provides various workshops and resources for parents.
Healthy Child Manitoba: This program is the umbrella to several other programs offered though the Parent Child Coalition. All programs are free and offered to community members and surrounding areas. Our focus is to provide parents with the skills and tools to create healthy loving relationships with their children. Some of the programs include:
  • Nobody's Perfect
  • Wiggle Giggle and Munch
  • Art/Craft Classes
  • Birthday Book Programs
  • Rock and Read
For more information on all programs please call (204) 586-8441.
Bingo: Runs 3 every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. Doors open at 5:30pm. For more information, call the Bingo hotline at (204) 589-6095. Also see the Bingo section on this website.
Winnipeg Harvest: Runs every Wednesday and Friday. To arrange an appointment call Winnipeg Harvest at 204.982.3660 between the hours of 9:15 am to 3:30 pm Monday-Friday. You need your medical card to register.
CAHRD Community Councilor: Every Thursday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, an employment councilor helps with resumes, cover letters, and job searches.
Laundry: IMFC offers a washer and dryer for free use Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Laundry supplies are not provided.
Open Arms Soup Kitchen: Runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.
Operations Manager: Chris Moffat
Lighthouses/Solvent Abuse Coordinator: Deven Dewar
Bingo Manager: Ronalda Sinclair
Board of Directors
President: William Greenwalt
Vice President: Norman Lagimodiere
Secretary: Crystal Roulette
Treasurer: Rose Marsden
Directors: Kevin Thompson, Daren McKay, Franklin Prince, Nathan Oigg, Karl Genaille
Wednesday, Friday & Sunday Card Sales start @ 5:30
and Regular Bingo starts @ 7:30
Bingo Hotline: (204) 589-6095
Bingo Accumulator Specials for Monday, March 6th, 2017
  • Empty House is $950 in 42 numbers; consolation prize is $300.
  • Triangle is $2,118 in 37 numbers; consolation prize is 40% of sales.
  • Pick 7 is $800 in 19 numbers; consolation is $300.
  • Lucky 7 is $1,150 in 26 numbers; consolation is $300.
  • Bonanza is $900 in 52 numbers; consolation is $300.
  • Mini Loonie is $6,802 plus sales; consolation is 40% of sales.
  • Jackpot Loonie Strip is $21,138 plus sales.
  • Loonie Pot is $0 plus sales; consolation is 75% of sales.
  • The Jackpot Loonie Strip Accumulator starts at $0. Add 30% of nightly sales to the Jackpot Loonie Strip Accumulator. Special Jackpot Loonie Strip number to be called at the start of Game #19. The Jackpot Loonie Strip Accumulator can ONLY be won on Jackpot Loonie Strip on Full House Game #21 with the Special Jackpot Loonie Strip number called from Game #19. If the Full House is won on the Jackpot Loonie Strip but NOT on the Special Number, the winner will receive $1000.00 plus the consolation of $150.
  • Chase the Ace is $3,575 every Wednesday plus sales (with 23 cards left).
Game Times
  • 5:45 – Bonanza Pre-Call first 48 numbers.
  • 6:20 – 1st Vegas Game. Payout is 70% of sales. 1 Line or 4 Corners is a 20% payout and then continuing on to Full House pays the remaining 80%.
  • 6:40 – 2nd Vegas Game. Payout is 70% of sales. 1 Line or 4 Corners is a 20% payout and then continuing on to Full House pays $1000 in 50 numbers or less; or a consolation prize of 80%.
  • 6:50 – Early Bird Set 1. Five games. 1 Line or 4 Corners. Payout is 10% per game.
  • 7:05 – Early Bird Set 2. Five games. 1 Line or 4 Corners. Payout is 10% per game.
  • 7:20 – Empty House is $700 in 37 numbers or less. Add 1 number and $50 each session until there is a winner. Consolation prize is $300.00
  • 7:30 – Regular Bingo Starts
House Rules
  1. Must be 16 years of age to play bingo or be in the hall. (Excludes 50/50 Sellers)
  2. Booklets/sheets must be marked by dabber or marker. Pens will not be accepted. Numbers must not be obliterated.
  3. Players a responsible to check books before start of play. Ten pages per book.
  4. A regular game book must be purchased and played to be eligible for special games.
  5. Players must call BINGO loud enough to stop play and must raise their card.
  6. In case of multiple winners, prize will be divided equally. Minimum prize of $5 on regular games only.
  7. House reserves the right to cancel due to bad weather.
  8. House reserves the right to refuse entrance.
  9. Once the game has been declared CLOSED, no more bingo’s will be accepted for that game.
  10. Jackpot winners may request a security escort to their vehicle.
  11. Scheduled workers may not play bingo in this hall at any time. However, casual (spare) workers are allowed to play.
  12. House reserves the right to pay by cheque.
  13. A regular book must be played to play Vegas Games or Early Birds.
  14. Five around the corner is 3 B’s, 1 I, and 1 N, or 3 O’s, 1 G and 1 N.
Our Mandate
The IMFC is a non-profit organization who’s aims and objectives are to serve the people of the community. There are many programs which include youth programs, outings, (recreational) and cultural programs, such as Pow Wows. There is also a drop in centre, social hall, and meeting rooms which are available to the community.
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Indian & Métis Friendship Centre of Winnipeg Inc.
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Phone: (204) 586-8441
Bingo Hotline: (204) 589-6095
Fax: (204) 582-8261
We are a registered non-profit organization
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